Sunday, July 8, 2012

LOVE Ballarat!

Had an absolutely glorious day with Jodie Carleton yesterday in Ballarat! Thank you Jodie for your generosity and warm welcome... we HAVE to do it again soon xx... Ballarat put on the best Winter weather possible..Thankyou xx... We Spent some time at Ballarat Patchwork .. have a look at all these yummy things to add to my stash.. 

I am going to use the gorgeous plastic covered fabric (not sure of the official name for it) to cover the seats of 4 gorgeous vintage chairs I recently purchased.. more on those later :)
While there we saw the amazing Natalie Lymer weaving her magic xx and then on to The Crafty Squirrel a shop I have been longing to visit.. can you believe how enchanting these little pins are! they are so simple and just stunning.. 

lovely to meet you Morgan!... 

On the way home I stopped off in Ballan to visit the lovely ladies at Mill Rose Quilting and added more to my stash!!!.. 

Wow their shop is simply stunning and so light... wonderful for stitching.LOVE Ballarat xx

Until next time



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Robin Red Vest

I have had this little guy in mind for quite some time now... I am absolutely and completely in love with Robins.
I would just love to see one in his own little world...flitting and hopping about in the snow, red breast blazing... I would be captivated!

One of the most amazing and wondrous things about them, is their eggs are the most beautiful favourite colour!!

Well to say the least it is a love affair!
So here is my little tribute to this incredible bird..'Little Robin Red Vest' made from linen and fabric with the most precious little felt vest to keep him warm on those snowy days...

Pattern available soon from my lovely distributors Creative Abundance...ask for him by name at your favourite quilting and stitchery store.

I think he will adorn my Christmas table this year!!

Until next time


Simone x